Dance Classes

Tiny Tots

Pre-dance for 3 year old boys and girls. The emphasis is on fun and creativity. Class utilizes music, movement and coordination activities as an early introduction to dance. Specifically designed to develop the appropriate skills of the age group. This class does not participate in our end of the year recital but has their show at the studio.

Dance and Rhythm

Designed to develop pre-dance skills. 4 year old boys and girls learn to follow instructions and work together creating dance sequences in a fun way. Gross and petite motor skills and muscle development are taught through children’s song and dance routines. Youngster’s benefit from this overall learning experience while preparing to advance to the next level of dance.


Specifically designed for children in kindergarden, this class teaches basic Ballet and Tap terminology, rhythm and fine motor skills.

Combination 1 (1 ½ hrs)

Combined Ballet and Tap class, starting first grade. Ballet concentrates on basic Barre and Centre work. Tap combines rhythm, timing and coordination.

Combination 2 (1 ½ hrs)

Combined Ballet and Lyrical class, starting in 1st grade. Classical Ballet foundation is the discipline recommended for all dancers and will be taught in this class. Lyrical is a contemporary dance incorporating Jazz, Ballet and Modern techniques.


Starting 1st grade and up. Combining rhythm, timing, coordination and style. This dance favorite is unique in its audible nature.


Starting 1st grade and up. Taught to exciting contemporary music. Fun and sassy movements are learned and choreographed to create energetic dance routines.


1st grade and up. Taught by dynamic instructors, Hip-hop has become one of the most popular forms of dance choreographed to contemporary music.


Classical Ballet classes for students in grades 1 and up. Concemtration on Barre and Centre work. At the intermediate and advanced levels it is highly recommended that students take more than one ballet class per week.


For the advanced ballet student upon teacher recommendation, in addition to regular ballet classes.

Adult Dance

All moms welcomed, from beginners to advanced. Join in the fun!


2nd grade and up contemporary dance in incorporating jazz, ballet and modern techniques while maintaining classical lines and movement.

Invitational Workshop

For dedicated and talented students to supplement their regular dance and technique classes. Students must be recommended by their teachers and by invitation only.


Starting 1st grade through advanced. Training includes floor tumbling, balance beam and trampoline as age appropriate.